Here is a brief History of John's musical journey!

John Morgan is a Country Rock Artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. John started out his music career as a Drummer but quickly realized that he had a knack for songwriting. He taught himself how to play Guitar and started singing. John started writing his own songs after a Family tragedy. " I lost my Brother and that had a profound affect on me! I wrote the song Swig. The song just poured out of me, I barely had to change a word. "After the break up of a Cover Band in 2005 I knew it was time to get into a Studio and start recording my own music." In 2006 John recorded  his first album titled Karma.


Karma was recorded with Maritime Producer/multi instrumentalist Ross Billard in Halifax. "Karma was a great experience and it got me out playing original material". John played the album for 2 years then with a bunch of new songs headed into the Studio to record  " The Little Things "

The Little Things was produced by the uber talented James Logan at The Cabin Studios in Tangier N.S. "James and I created something that I really love. The songs came from my Heart and James captured the mood of every song."  The singles The little things and When I think Country did very well for John on Country Radio In Canada and helped garner Him not one but four showcases at The East Coast Music Awards in Charlottetown PEI.

In 2011 John and his wife moved to the Caribbean Island of Curacao. After taking almost a Year off from performing John decided to get back to playing. " I stopped playing but I kept writing! I ended up writing 24 new songs during that time period." It wasn't long before The playing bug bit him again.

While playing on Curacao John re-ignited his love for playing Classic Country and Rock & Roll music. " I was never much of a cover Band guy, but the Island vibe was so great that I had to get out and play! when we played the old ones like Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, people loved it. " I love playing the covers, but I will get back to the Originals again, that's for sure"

John finished his 3rd Studio album in early 2018, again he collaborated with James Logan at the Cabin Studio. " This album is totally different from the last two! I have been leaning more towards the Rock side of my sound lately and these songs just came out that way. Not every song on the album but most of them, I guess you could call them alt Country Rock"

John's Caribbean adventure is also coming to an end as well!  "we moved to the Caribbean for 2 years 6 1/2 years ago, we are now moving back to Canada and I'm excited to be doing that armed with a new album to play"

When one adventure ends another begins! see you down the road!